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MLS Robotic Class IV Laser Therapy Specialist

Ascend Regenerative Medicine

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation & Spine Specialist located in Manhasset, NY

Multiwave Locked System (MLS) robotic class IV laser therapy is an innovative treatment focused on fast healing and a quick return to the activities you enjoy. If you’re injured and looking for a fast-track solution, MLS robotic class IV laser therapy at Ascend Regenerative Medicine in Manhasset, New York, could be exactly the treatment you need. Knowledgeable physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist Manish Mammen, MD, is ready to design a custom laser therapy recovery plan for you, so call the office or use online booking now.

MLS Robotic Class IV Laser Therapy Q & A

What is MLS robotic class IV laser therapy?

MLS robotic class IV laser therapy is a cutting-edge treatment that uses infrared light energy to stimulate healing at a highly accelerated rate. According to the latest studies, laser therapy is just as effective or even more effective than other kinds of treatment modalities. 

If you're injured or need help in healing damaged tissue, laser therapy could be an integral part of your rehabilitation plan. MLS therapy may help even if you’ve struggled with serious pain for years.

What conditions does MLS robotic class IV laser therapy treat?

MLS laser therapy treats many different types of pain and injuries including:

  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Wounds and ulcers
  • Arthritis
  • Sports injuries
  • Tendinitis
  • Disc disease

If you have back pain, knee pain, hip pain, or other types of acute or chronic pain, MLS laser therapy may help. This treatment usually works best as part of a complete rehabilitation program, so Dr. Mammen can design a recovery plan according to your situation and goals. 

How does MLS robotic class IV laser therapy work?

The MLS system features two synchronized wavelengths of controlled laser light. The laser painlessly delivers energy within your damaged tissue to trigger a cellular-level metabolic reaction. This invokes your body's injury response, leading to:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduced swelling
  • Improved circulation
  • Tissue regeneration at the cellular level

All of these restorative responses come together to relieve pain significantly. 

How long does MLS robotic class IV laser therapy take?

Treatment sessions at Ascend Regenerative Medicine usually take just 10-15 minutes each, but it can be a little longer for larger treatment areas. 

When will I see results from MLS robotic class IV laser therapy?

Many people notice significant symptom relief in only 1-3 sessions. But since each person's body responds in a different way, it could take up to six sessions for pain relief. A typical therapy program includes short sessions 2-3 times weekly.

If you have chronic pain or an acute injury, it's understandable that your top priority is returning to your life as fast as possible. 

MLS robotic class IV laser therapy can help you jump-start your healing more quickly than you'd imagined possible, so reach out to Ascend Regenerative Medicine through the online scheduler or call the office to learn more now.