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Bursa Injection



A bursa injection is an injection of a fluid-filled sac that produces a gliding surface to reduce friction between moving muscles or tendons. The injections may be diagnostic to see whether a particular joint is the cause of your pain. They may also be therapeutic in the form of a steroid to reduce inflammation (swelling) caused by arthritis or overuse.


Depending on the location of your injection you will either sit on the side of a stretcher, or lay down on the procedure room table. The skin over the injection area will be cleansed.


During the procedure your heart beat, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation will be monitored. The doctor numbs a small area of skin. This may sting or burn for a few seconds. A small needle will be directed into the intra-articular space or into the bursa under x-ray or ultrasound guidance. Once in the space the doctor injects the anesthetic solution.

End of Procedure and Aftercare

After the procedure you will spend 20-30 minutes in the recovery area. Many people experience immediate relief from the injection but it may take several days before the steroid starts working. If you have soreness in the area of the injection apply an ice pack. You may resume your usual activities the following day. Some possible side effects include: reaction to medication (rare), bruising or pain at the injection site, and flare up of typical joint pain.


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