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Occipital Nerve Blocks



The occipital nerve begins at the base of the skull and supplies sensation (feeling) to the back of the head. The occipital nerve can act as a generator of various types of headaches. Occipital nerve blocks reduce inflammation (swelling)of the occipital nerve and the pain impulses the nerve generates. People with a number of headaches including occipital neuralgia, refractory migraine disorder, and myofascial neck pain can benefit from occipital nerve blocks.


This nerve block involves injection of an anesthetic (e.g., Lidocaine) and a steroid (e.g., Dexamethasone). Please tell your physician if you have had an adverse reaction to either of these in your past. The onset of pain relief related to the anesthetic may be as early as minutes after the procedure.

End of Procedure and Aftercare

The effect of the steroid may be felt within 48-72 hours after the injection. The steroid provides longer relief due to its anti-inflammatory effects. Injections can be repeated, depending on the need and response to the injection.


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