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Family Medicine

Ascend Regenerative Medicine

Rehabilitation Specialists located in Manhasset, NY

If you’re searching for a family medicine specialist, you can rely on the providers at Ascend Regenerative Medicine in Manhasset, New York. Manish Mammen, MD, offers comprehensive family medicine to people aged 18 and up, including annual physical exams and medical clearance for work or school. To learn more about family medicine, call today or request an appointment online.

What is family medicine?

Family medicine is an area of specialty that addresses the general health and wellness needs of your whole family. Ascend Regenerative Medicine provides comprehensive care to adults aged 18 and up. 

The providers at Ascend Regenerative Medicine will be the first people to contact when you need acute or chronic disease care. They help you stay on track with your health goals and prevent future problems that may affect your quality of life.  

Family care is also the setting where the providers get to know your family members’ well and develop long-term relationships to help you all maintain a healthy and happy life.  

What services does family medicine include?

When you arrive at the Manhasset office, your provider checks your height, weight, and vitals before updating your health history. They may ask questions about the symptoms you experience, medications you take, and diet or lifestyle habits. 

They might also perform a physical exam to check for any abnormalities. 

Ascend Regenerative Medicine offers comprehensive family medicine services for all the adults in your household. You can schedule an appointment at the same time and receive services like: 

  • Annual and specialized physicals 
  • Medical clearance for work or school
  • Preventive health screenings
  • Sick care
  • Acute illness or chronic disease management
  • Nutritional and weight management counseling
  • Specialist recommendations


The providers at Ascend Regenerative Medicine are committed to helping you age gracefully and look and feel your best. 

How often should I see my family medicine provider?

The frequency of your family medicine visits depends on your overall health, medical history, underlying conditions, and age. You should visit Ascend Regenerative Medicine annually for a general physical exam to track changes in your health and wellness. 

During this time, the team can also provide treatments (if necessary) to improve your condition and quality of life. 

Ascend Regenerative Medicine is an integrative practice that provides wellness care along with their traditional medical services. The providers offer exceptional treatments for general health and specialized care under one roof.  

To learn more about family medicine services, call Ascend Regenerative Medicine or request an appointment online today.